About me

Hi! My name is Jakub!
But You may know me as Redo.

Graphic Design has been my hobby since 2016, but it wasn't until early 2019 when I tried to pursue it as a career. Starting with osu! skinning I've gained a lot of design knowledge in a fairly small amount of time, later shifting my focus to designing various Stream Assets for Twitch streamers.

My design experience orbits around Adobe Suite, and that's what i use to create my work. Below You can see how much time i spent working in each program.

After Effects — 5 Years
Illustrator — 2 Years
Photoshop — 5 Years
Premiere Pro — 3 Years
About the process



There are a few ways to approach me. Fastest one being DM‑ing me on Twitter. You can also use the form on the contact page, or E‑Mail me at ... .



I’m gonna give you a link to a form which you will need to fill in with as much information about your commission as possible. Once there is enough info for me to work with, we can proceed to the next stage.



I invoice via Stripe, which is a card payment processing platform. You don’t need to make an account on stripe, and can choose to pay with a card, or through PayPal. The payment will still be made through stripe invoicing and I require you to provide your Full Billing Information to be put on the invoice, that is Your Name/Company Name, Address, and E‑Mail. For more information read the Privacy Policy.

If your order totals above $200 you would be eligible to choose the 100% upfront, or 50/50 payment split (2 invoices). Orders below that can only be paid 100% upfront.

Once the invoice is paid, we can proceed to the design stage.



I'll be sending you previews pretty much as we go, so you can have as much insight into the process as possible. I'm not picky with revisions as long as they are small changes, but the bigger ones or a complete change of direction may require a fee.



Is in some cases the last step before delivery. You will be sent a final preview, and once confirmed and agreed upon the process will begin.

Once animated no major revisions to the general look of the graphics can be made!



Your files will be uploaded to a Google Drive folder which you will be given access too. Files are stored pretty much permanently. Delivery time depends on the project size (usually delivered within 2 weeks).


Widget Setup

I recommend using the Widget.io extension over manual setup, but if you’re having trouble setting them up I may offer to set them up for you.

This requires you to make me an editor on StreamElements.